About The Schultz's Farm & Family

The Farm

Come ‘Pick the Best’ at Schultz Fruitridge Farms!

Originally only 80 acres, Schultz Fruitridge Farms was started in 1951 by Victor and Dorothy Schultz. Currently run by second and third generation Schultz family members, we are proud to have expanded our fruit and vegetable farm to over 300 acres, including the addition of a bison herd located in nearby Schoolcraft, MI, and a farm-to-table restaurant and microbrewery with Texas Corners Brewing Company.

Now, as our third generation Schultzes carry on the family tradition, we are more excited than ever to provide Southwest Michigan with quality fruits and vegetables.

Mission Statement

  • Growing and offering local high-quality produce
  • Providing superior service to our customers and community
  • Having a family-oriented and wholesome experience
  • Educating our consumers about Michigan Agriculture
  • Ensuring a sustainable farm for future generations

Family History

The history of Schultz Fruitridge Farms started with Victor and Dorothy Schultz many years ago. Dorothy grew up on a fruit farm outside Dowagiac, MI, while Victor was from Benton Harbor.

Victor had an early interest in flying and spent much of his free time at the Benton Harbor airport, washing airplanes in return for rides. This was also when he met Charles Lindberg while he was making a cross-country tour after his solo flight across the Atlantic. After high-school, Victor was accepted to Michigan State University as an engineering student, but only attended one year due to lack of funds for tuition - the Great Depression hit hard during this time and jobs were scarce. With WWII looming, Victor enlisted in the US Army with hopes of becoming an Army Air Corp pilot. After five days of written tests, he was one of a small handful (5 of 300) who passed and were accepted for pilot training. Victor was stationed in North Africa during WWII, where he was responsible for aerial reconnaissance. He flew the 1,100 horsepower P-51 Mustang fighter.

In 1945 Victor was united in marriage to Dorothy Leitz. After his service they bought a grocery store and home by Sister Lakes. Shortly thereafter, they heard of a farm for sale in the Mattawan area. The Mattawan farm had a crop of peaches that year, while most other farms did not. Finding a farm with such a good record, Vic and Dorothy decided to sell everything and moved out to the 80 acre Mattawan farm in 1951. Here they raised their three boys including Bill Schultz who still farms today.

Since then, we have been growing and expanding, living the American dream. Our farm produces a greater variety of crops now, and we still take great pride in producing quality, local foods.

The Family Today

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Bill Schultz


Bill Schultz's father Victor, led by example and installed a good work ethic within him from a young age. Even as a young teen, Bill always knew that he was going to be a farmer. Born in 1957 and the youngest of three boys, he was the only one who stayed on the farm. Bill enjoys the challenge every year of growing a good crop, though the weather has made it challenging in some years. He says that his best crop has been his four children. Spring planting is his favorite time of year, next to the fall harvest, and of course deer season. Bill enjoys fishing, deer hunting, and vacationing with his primary care giver and wife Denise.

Denise Schultz


Denise Schultz is a native resident of Battle Creek who quickly became acclimated to farm life. In addition to serving as Secretary/Treasurer, Denise also manages the farm market. She has also been serving as Secretary for Antwerp Township Planning Commission since 1999, and has served as Treasurer for the Antwerp Sunshine Library Friends. Her interests include traveling, gardening, family, and reading. Her favorite time of the year is the spring.

William Schultz

Vice President

William (Billy) Schultz is the oldest of the third generation of the Schultz family. Growing up on the farm, he knew that he had farming in his blood. Whether it's the aroma of ripe Concord grapes in the fall air, enjoying a fresh-picked sweet, juicy peach, or running the cherry shaker on a sunny July day, he has always held a love for the land. For him, it is very gratifying to know that he helped place food on a family's table. He feels that farming is a noble profession. He especially enjoys his own sweet corn, peaches, and Concord grapes. In his spare time, Billy enjoys being outdoors, fishing, hunting, competitive shooting, downhill skiing, and traveling.

Dan & Audrey Schultz

Vice President

Dan Schultz has always had a knack for farming since he was a little boy. He grew up playing with toy tractors and learning the ways of farming through his grandpa and father. Dan recently started a family of his own with his wife Audrey Klein, from Athens MI. They love sharing the farm lifestyle with their three young children – Lena, Ahna and Barrett. In their spare time, they enjoy hunting, fishing, catching up with friends, and playing with their dog, Chase. Audrey even works at the market during the season, and has her own videography business. For more information, see www.wheretheheartisfilms.com.

Robyn Schultz

Assistant Market Manager

Robyn Schultz is the only daughter of the third generation of Schultzes. Her early farming interest was found in a deep passion for horses. She was involved with 4-H in her younger years before achieving a degree in Equine Management from Lake Erie College in Northern Ohio in 2005. She returned home in 2018 to work on the farm full-time and is looking forward to being involved in the family business year round.

Andrew & Ruth Schultz

Andrew is the youngest of the third generation of Schultzes. His favorite memory growing up on the farm was riding in the tractor with his dad. Andrew attended Michigan State University where he earned his degree in Agribusiness Management. He spent several years away from the farm before returning in 2015 to run the family's new farm-to-table restaurant and microbrewery - Texas Corners Brewing Company. There, he met the love of his life Ruth, whom he recently married. They live in Texas Township with their (step-)son Nolan.