The challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are real and present. There are numerous changes for us in how we operate our business, but keeping our staff and the public safe has always been a priority, especially now. We would like to promise to you that we will follow these new rules and guidelines at our farm.  In addition, we would ask the public to help us as well in following government guidelines and the suggestions we have for how you can help us below. Let’s call it a promise to each other!


  • We promise to follow all government mandated guidelines, orders, and suggestions regarding the coronavirus as the situation develops and changes.
  • We promise to correctly utilize personal protection equipment (PPE), including, but not limited to gloves and face masks.
  • We promise to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water whenever handling money, garbage, food, changing gloves, touching my face, or in other situations that require hand washing.
  • We promise to observe social distancing measures by standing six feet away from customers and co-workers where at all possible.
  • We promise will regularly clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces throughout the daily shift.
  • We promise to conduct daily wellness checks on staff at the beginning of each shift.
  • We promise to have staff stay home when sick or showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness.


  • Please be patient with us as we practice our new guidelines for your safety, some tasks may take longer than they have in the past. Cleaning and sanitizing frequently also takes time and slows service, but is critical for us to function safely.
  • Online ordering has been provided for your safety to allow a contactless pick-up.  By placing your order online and paying by credit card it reduces contact and touches of cards, money, and orders, and easily allows us to deliver you your products when you arrive.
  • Please do not come to the farm if you are at all sick with symptoms of COVID-19.

As updates become available, they will first be communicated on our Facebook page.